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Kerala, one of the most beautiful states of India with long seashore at western side, hilly terrain with rich greenery of spices in the east, several rivers flowing from east to west with lakes adding to scenic beauty has got rich traditions in Architecture of its own

Building a house preferably at the place where the person has born and grown is a cherished dream of every Keralite whether living in Kerala or in any part of the world. House you are dreaming about naturally will need good features of traditional Kerala Architecture, Vasthu compliance to ensure peaceful life in the house with all round prosperity, modern structural engineering to ensure lesser cost and structural stability of the building and it should have maximum space utilisation with every bit of built up space properly designed to have better, appropriate utility.

We, at Viruvelil group of companies can design and build your dream home anywhere in Kerala. We have designed and built more than two hundred houses in different parts of Kerala from 1995. All these houses stand apart in the area as excellent works of Kerala Architecture with added advantages of the latest technology and Vasthu.

House construction has developed a lot in the recent past and you need more than a set of workers and supplier of materials to build your dream house. Developments in technology, call for proper professional guidance and involvement in every stage of construction from design to completion of the building. You will be able to build the house with good quality, modern technical advantages, proper utilisation of space and money, with qualified and experienced professional guidance.

Building a house in Kerala also call for using features of traditional Kerala Architecture and Indian Vasthu. Keralites also hope to have a better appearance from outside for the house.

When we get involved in design and construction of your house you get all those good features of modern technology, traditional Kerala Architecture, Vasthu and above all complete professional guidance, supervision of every detail of construction right from beginning to end.



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